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Got a Guy? Need Gift Ideas? Problem Solved.

Shopping for Guys Made Simple: Diggy’s 2017 Gift Guide

Putting this look on a guy’s face is easier than you think.

mophie powerstation Plus Mini

This could be a gift for him….but it’s really for the both of you. Perfect for the guy on the go, and it comes with built in additional cables. Essentially, you’re getting rid of the excuse: “My phone died.” 

Purchase via Amazon


Apple Airpods

When these first came out, I swore these looked stupid, and were pointless to have. But then, everyone who had them SWORE by them. These airpods are extremely convenient, sound great, and to my surprise, stay snuggly in your ear. Definitely would recommend, and I can attest, they’re worth the $160.

Trust me, big things do come in small packages.

Specifically fit for Left & Right ears.

Purchase via Apple


Sonos One w/Alexa

Who doesnt love music? This speaker sounds amazing, but now you have the voice of Amazon’s Alexa to back it. This powerful speaker priced at $199 is a great addition to any music lover’s collection. The best part about the Sonos brand: You can build your speaker system piece by piece, so you don’t have to buy everything at once. The sound on these will make you wonder how you were even listening to music before.

Comes in Black or White.

Purchase via Sonos


iRobot Roomba Vaccuum

Two Words: Life SAVER. This robotic vaccuum is pricey, however, is worth every penny. For the dog owners, or people who hate vaccuuming, this is CLUTCH. You clean the counters, and let the Roomba take care of the floors. Best feature: Scheduling your Robot to automatically clean based on your schedule.

Works well on carpet or hardwood.

Purchase via Amazon


Vyper 2

You thought you were getting your best foam roll? WRONG. The Vyper 2 vibrates intensifying that “great” foam rolling feelings, allowing you to give yourself the best recovery possible. Perfect for the athlete that wants to be their best at all times.

Foam rolling at the next level.

Purchase via Hyperice


Yeezy 350 v2 “Frozen Yellow”

Gift for an avid sneakerhead? How much do you love them?? Yea, not gonna lie these aren’t cheap. But TRUST me, he’ll love you forever. Might even get on one knee on Xmas day.

Bold = Better.

Purchase via Flight Club


Fur Trimmed Aviator Hat

If you live in the Midwest or East coast, you already know what time it is. This hat will provide all the warmth you need to go with the down coat that you already own. Just don’t let anyone borrow it, because they definitely won’t want to give it back…

The elements don’t stand a chance.

Purchase via Barneys New York


Aviator Weekender

For the fashionable guy on the go, this is a must. “Traveling In Style” isn’t a saying, it’s reality. If you need a gift for someone that travels a ton, look no further. The only thing is, with the way this bag looks, they might start traveling more.

Business, pleasure…doesn’t matter.

Purchase via Rag and Bone


Dock Collection

If your iPhone/Apple Watch charger situation is in shambles (like mine is) this Dock Collection setup could easily clean it up! The collection conveniently displays both devices, not forcing you to fumble in your sleep looking for your phone. It comes in a variety of colors to complement your night stand!

Scrambling for your phone no longer exists.

Purchase via Dock Collection


Whisky Stones

For the Whisky lover that we all have, these Whisky Stones will definitely be put to use over the holidays and beyond. Our Whisky loving friend will love that his drink of choice will remain chilled, with no flavor dilution. Swirl away!

Bye bye dilution!

Purchase at J.Crew


“Obsessed” by Calvin Klein

Ladies this is a gift for you, just as much as it is for him. This cologne will keep him smelling great, and the way it smells?? Close will not be close enough.

Use at your own risk…

Purchase via Calvin Klein


VOID Watch

Simplicty is valued when it comes to fashion, and this watch by VOID is a perfect example. The simple face here is not only functional, but the colors make it a versatile option for several occasions. Wearing this watch shows he REALLY knows what time it is.

Simplicity at it’s best.

Purchase via Bloomingdale’s


Alpha Fit Cleaning Brush

Guys care about their skin too (or at least they should)!! This Alpha Fit Cleaning Brush gets the job done. With about 300 movements per minute, this brush will get rid of any dirt or grime, allowing him to put his best face forward.

You can use it, we won’t tell.

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