December 11, 2017 2 Comments Advice, Clothing, Fashion

Your Outfit is Really About One Piece

One piece can take your look to the next level. (Location: Notre Shop, West Loop)

A Simple Cheat Code to Elevate Your Look

Think about when you’re signing a document. The best thing about your signature? It’s yours. While it may not be legible, it’s unique to you, and you own it. Well a signature is not only relevant for when you’re signing your life away for a mortgage or car loan, it applies when you’re putting together your ensemble for the day/night ahead.

The key thing about this post, is the singular nature of the word “piece.” You should have one signature piece that speaks “louder” than other parts of your wardrobe. It doesn’t necessarily have to be loud as in bright colors or flashy patterns, but something that draws people in and stands out from the rest of your outfit.

Now, do you need a signature piece every time you leave the house? Of course not. The quick run to Chick-Fil-A doesn’t necessarily deserve your best wool overcoat (even though the Chicago winters might require it). But if you have plans for the day, especially if you’re interacting with other people, go ahead. Show some effort.

What qualifies as a signature piece? Well, normally it should be visible. If you feel that your volt green boxers are your signature piece go ahead and wear them (hopefully someone gets to see them later that night….and doesn’t get blinded as a result). But a piece could be anything that’s unique to you. Take me for example: If I’m wearing a more muted outfit, my signature piece tends to be glasses or a watch. Not too flashy, but definitely shows I did it intentionally. The key is to know when enough is enough, don’t overdo it.

Think about it like this: We want people to be able to compliment us on our nice things. So spread out the compliments by spreading out your accent pieces. No one is going to say: “Nice shirt…Nice pants…. Nice shoes, all in one day. Now, go out there and embrace your signature. But make sure it’s legible (*wink*).

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