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Fashion v. Style: Who Comes Out On Top?

Style & Fashion: Which should be your priority?

One Wins, Make Sure You Pick Wisely…

The amount of things money can buy is endless. Homes, cars, vacations, the list goes on. But this isn’t a post about the LIVES of the rich & famous, we’re concerned about how someone looks on the outside. So the question is: Is someone who can afford million dollar brands always considered“best dressed?” I think the confusion comes in when you have to decide the winner between the great debate: Fashion v. Style, so let’s break it down.

When I think fashion, I think of two separate identities. Identity #1 consists of the things we may see on the runway at New York or Paris Fashion week. You know what I’m talking about, the woman that comes walking down the runway wearing a clear raincoat with nothing underneath, or the gentleman walking 100 plus feet wearing a pants that come up to his chest. Are these items unique? Yes. Do they cost a lot of money? No doubt they do. Is it something that we would wear out, to work, or even in our own homes? Probably not. However, year after year, fashion show runways are full of items that are amazing, and look great on these perfectly sculpted humans, but outside of the runway, are extremely hard to wear, let alone do any daily activities in.

Fashion identity #2 is what I like to call the “price tag affect.” When I say this, I’m referring to a plain item that has an extra zero, or even a comma in the price tag due to the name on the label. You know that same gray sweatshirt you wear in the fall? You can either get it for $40 at the GAP, or you can get it for $400 at Rag & Bone, and very few will know the difference. The quality argument is a valid one: “Diggy, I paid $400 for this sweatshirt, and it’ll last forever!” Valid point. But how many clothing items that we’re spending an exorbitant amount of money on, are we keeping “forever?” I’ll be the first to say, I have several items that I bought only two years ago, and I wore for one season that are taking up space in my closet.

Okay Digg, if that’s fashion, then what’s style? Good question. Style is the ability to put items together without making uniqueness/price the main focus. We’ve all had that person we’ve asked, or we’ve been asked: “Where’d you get that?” and the response was: “Cheapest Store on the Block, for only 20 bucks!” Style is something that is learned. It comes easier for some than others, but it’s always a process that’s evolving and changes with the times. In short, Style = an outfit that is seamlessly put together from top to bottom, regardless of the brand or price of items.

At the end of the day, which wins? I thought it’d be obvious at this point, but winner = STYLE. I’m not going to lie to you and say in my past I didn’t buy something expensive just because it was name brand & expensive. Yup, definitely did it, and I regret it 100%. But that’s the old me, and I’m now a better person for it! Don’t get it twisted! Let’s not deprive ourselves of nice things, as I still have some pieces that are pretty pricey, but the main motive for buying them wasn’t the price, it was for the love of the piece. I REALLY like them and I think they’re worth it, so that validates the purchase. Moral of the story: There’s a good chance the best dressed person in the room didn’t spend the most on their outfit, and he/she looks way better than you do. Next time, spend that extra money on the thing we all love: Desserts & puppies.