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Guys or Girls: My Lululemon 2019 Gift Guide

Contents Guarantee Complete Holiday Satisfaction

Welp, it’s that time again! Unless you’re fortunate enough to live in the southwest, temperatures have begun to drop across the country, which can only mean one thing: the holidays are right around the corner. In between sips of their pumpkin spice latte, your significant other has been ever so subtly dropping hints on what they want to be “surprised” with this holiday season. Pro Tip: Don’t mess it up because you’ll hear about it for 365 more days if you don’t get it right.

The best way to have your family member/significant other/mailman (they’re tired of fruitcake) on your good side is to get it right the first time. My advice? Get your gifts right on the first try with Lululemon.

I’m going to be honest with you, as a guy, I didn’t understand the extreme satisfaction you experience when you wear Lululemon until I wore my first piece a few years ago. Let me tell you this: All the hype is TRUE. The craftmanship, technology, and pure comfort that you can find in their pieces make everything that they make worth having. Lululemon has an entire holiday gift section, but I’ve taken the liberty of picking out my favorites for the special guy or girl in your life below.

Hint: Need help? You can schedule a one-on-one video session with Lululemon via their Digital Concierge. Just click here to schedule!

For That Special Man in Your Life

At Ease Hoodie

This hoody is true definition of comfort and is probably my favorite hoodie I own. Don’t get mad at him if he wears this several days in a row…it’s just that comfortable.

At Ease Jogger

Well you want him to match right? This comfortable compliment to the At Ease Hoodie is perfect for a weekend lounging or out and about.

Cold Pursuit Knit Beanie

It’s cold, but that doesn’t mean his head has to be. This functional beanie is not only stylish, but is extremely versatile.

ABC Jogger

One of my favorite pieces to wear, no matter where I’m going. This jogger is great for running errands, or date night.

Commission Pant Classic Warpstreme 34”

The Commission Pant from Lululemon is great for your leisure or business casual needs, making this pant a go to in any man’s wardrobe.

Mason’s Peak Long Sleeve

This solid shirt comes in different colors, and allows him to let loose in the best way possible.

Evolution Long Sleeve Polo

Leave the golf clubs at home! This polo speaks for itself, and when you wear it, they’ll know you mean business.

5 Year Basic Long Sleeve Henley

A Henley is a top that every man MUST own. If he doesn’t have one, this gift is a no brainer. If he does, just know he could never have too many.

Navigation Down Jacket

His jacket from college just won’t cut it anymore. This Down Jacket will allow him to dress like an adult and leave his fraternity days behind.

Down For It All Jacket

The name says it all. This jacket, combined with hood, makes him prepared for anything mother nature throws at him this winter.

Navigation Down Vest

When the arctic freeze hasn’t hit yet, this vest is perfect to keep you warm and stylish at the same time.

About Face Bomber

This reversible bomber jacket hits on all the style cues that you need for a night out.

Active Expert Short Tight

It may be a gift during the winter, but his workouts won’t stop. These shorts, with built in tights, take the meaning of 2-in-1 to the next level.

Metal Vent Tech Sleeveless

A good workout isn’t complete without a great shirt to “top” it off. This shirt will make him look, and feel good, every time he hits the gym.

For the Lady You Can’t Live Without

Show Me the Sherpa Beanie

Who said cold weather gear can’t be cute? This beanie keep her warm and fuzzy, and I’m not talking about just that hat.

Short Sweet and Sherpa Jacket

This jacket is so warm & comfortable, she’s going to hope winter never ends. Don’t be surprised if she wears this inside the house too!

Enough Puff Jacket

Full Transparency: This jacket is so fly I came close to buying it for myself! Gifting this to someone close to you will make them happy, but you’ll definitely want one for you too!

Sweet and Sherpa Mittens

Fun Fact: Mittens tend to be warmer than gloves because your fingers are kept together. With these mittens? I forsee nonstop warmth in her future.

All Yours Hoodie

It’s funny how our hoodies start to mysteriously disappear when the cold weather hits. With the comfort this hoodie provides, trust me, she won’t need yours.

On The Go Poncho

Just because the winter starts, doesn’t mean she’s going to stop. This On The Go Poncho will keep her fashionable as she goes from point A to B.

Align Pant

They tell me yoga pants are the most comfortable pant a woman can wear. I’ll have to take their word for it, but by the looks of this Align Pant, they’re probably telling the truth.

Align Tank

If you know her goal is to work out and be attractive while doing it, I think you can stop here. This tank will put a smile on her that she can’t take off.

Warm Down Jogger Velour

Why do women get all the cool gear? These Velour pants are comfortable both inside and out. Maybe if you behave, she’ll let you rest your head on her leg to share in the comfort.

The Reversible Mat 3mm

I almost feel like Lululemon is synonymous with yoga, no? Either way, with this mat, she’ll for sure be “Best in Class.”