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Mother’s Day: One Day A Year You Have to Get It Right

Let Lululemon help you nail her special day. (photo by: Andrew Glatt)

Lululemon: Key to Securing Child of the Year

Mom, Momma, Mother, Mommy. Whatever you call the most important person in your life, they brought you in this world, and if you upset them, “they will take you out.” (Direct quote from Mama Moreland & any upset mother across the globe.) Mothers dedicate 364 days of the year to making sure that their children are taken care of, so it’s important that the one day out of the year dedicated exclusively to them is executed properly.

Remember when mom was happy when you used to bring home the handmade Mother’s Day card that included a macaroni necklace, or the shape of your hand in a plate? Yea, that was cute when you were six years old. (Spoiler Alert: Those gifts are now in the trash). Mom is wiser, you’re older, so it’s time to step up the gift giving ante. No two moms are the same, but they all have one thing in common: They love to look their best. I’ve teamed up with Lululemon and put together a comprehensive gift guide that will have her professing you to be her favorite among your other siblings! You can shop the entire Lululemon Mother’s Day Collection, but I’ve done all of the work for you. To make sure that you don’t mess up her 2020 gift, I’ve taken the liberty of breaking out moms by type, so find the best gift by your mom type below!

For The Mom Who “Likes to Steal Her Kids Stuff”

Description: Extremely common. This mom always compliments your outfits, and next thing you know, you find your favorite hoodie in the trunk of her car. These items will make her happy, and allow you to keep your sanity.

All Yours Hoodie

Sundown Sweater Wrap

All Tied Up Tank

For The Mom Who “Likes to Beat The Sun Up”

Description: The best way to describe this mom is the one who wakes up at 5am on a Saturday to do chores and wait outside stores before they open. There’s no rhyme or reason why she does it, but let’s make sure she looks fly while doing it!

On The Fly Jogger Woven

City Stroll Coat

Back In Action Long Sleeve

For The Mom Who “Likes to be Fashionably Late”

Description: This mom is always late because she’s changed outfits 711 times just to drop you off at soccer practice. She may arrive everywhere late, but she’ll arrive looking her best. Grab her these pieces so she nails the look the first time.

In The Moment Shirt

On the Fly Wide-Leg 7/8 Pant Woven

On My Level Bag 19L

For the Mom That’s “Not a Regular Mom, But a Cool Mom”

Description: This is the mom that likes to twin dress like her kids, let you eat dessert first, and is the favorite mom on school field trips. Let her be and look cool with these pieces below.

Pace Rival Mid-Rise Crop 22″

Cross Chill Jacket

Serene Travels Vest

For the Mom That “Doesn’t Know When to Say When”

Description: This mom is easy to identify. She does yoga twice a day, runs errands, constantly working around the house, on top of being “Member of the Month” at the gym. With all these things going on, she needs to look her best at all times, so help her out a bit with a couple of these pieces.

The Reversible Matt 5mm

Retreat Yourself Hoodie

On the Fly Sock *3-Pack

Okay, I’m pretty sure your mom has to fall in one of the categories above! For some reason if she doesn’t, or you severely messed up last year, here’s the total Lululemon Mother’s Day Collection for you to buy her even more goodies!