July 2, 2019 0 Comments Advice, Featured, Lifestyle

Making a House A Home: The Challenge

You spend a lot of time in your home, make it worth your while.

See How the “Second City” & Pottery Barn Helped Out

As someone who prides themselves on loving fashion and loving to shop, I initially had the preconceived notion that I could transfer my ability to style my daily wardrobe directly to my home. Well, that task proved harder than I thought, and I now respect interior designers more than I ever have before.

Given that my living room is where I spend countless hours watching sporting events, Netflix series, and bad reality television, I wanted to make this room a place where I could do so comfortably. The problem was that I had no idea where I wanted to begin, and how I wanted the place to begin.

I’ve been living in Chicago for quite some time, and one of the best qualities of the city is the variety of diverse neighborhoods. On a daily basis, I ride through four to five different neighborhoods that offer a plethora of design inspirations to choose from. Once I began to brainstorm ideas for my living room, I started to notice small nuances that I liked about these neighborhoods and wanted to model my apartment after.

Now that I had the inspiration piece in order, I needed to make it work, and that’s where Pottery Barn Apartment came in. I took the looks I came across on my daily commute, and tried to find pieces on PB Apartment that fit that same aesthetic. Not only did  PB Apartment have pieces that fit what I wanted my living room to look like, they had other pieces that could easily complement the ancillary pieces as well!

Who knew your daily commute could provide such inspiration? Taking a piece of various Chicago neighborhoods has helped me call my apartment a home. Now, that you know how I arrived at the design inspiration, I’m going to go hop back on the couch. More bad TV is calling my name…