August 28, 2020 0 Comments Advice, Lifestyle, Trends

Is Your Smile In Sync?

This post has been sponsored by Colgate©. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Pop Quiz: When’s the last time you didn’t have your phone in your hand? Not expecting you to answer, so no need to rack your brain. As a millennial, the answer probably is one of the following: A) When you were in the shower, B) When you were asleep, or C) When you were brushing your teeth. Now that I think about it, depending on your relationship status, “B” might be wrong too!

Okay it’s settled, shower & teeth are the two occasions where we don’t have our phones, right? Wrong! *Hum by Colgate® Smart Electric Toothbrush enters the chat* Your toothbrush wants to be connected & not neglected, and Colgate is making that happen! They are helping you get clean teeth and your smile in sync with the new hum by Colgate® Smart Electric Toothbrush that really is going to help you take your brushing to the next level. (Learn more at, and shop at select retailers, including Amazon, Bed, Bath & Beyond and beginning September 1.)

Think about it: We’ve been brushing our teeth the same way since before we could even see over the bathroom sink, so it’s time to spice it up! Hum by Colgate® Smart Electric Toothbrush is not only a brush that knows you, but it comes with an app that shows you! With an amazing and easy-to-use app guiding you along the way, think of the endless possibilities for your smile! By downloading and syncing your brush to the free hum by Colgate app, you can benefit from all the cool features including: guided brushing, rewards, and more! It fits seamlessly into you life, whether you choose to use the app or brush offline- the brush can store 10 days of data to sync up later, no worries of always having your phone on you!

We know it’s effective, but how does it look (after all, us Millennials care about appearances more than any other generation)? Trust me, we’re good to go there! Hum by Colgate® Smart Electric Toothbrush is sleek, stylish, and with several colors to choose from, you’ll find the perfect option to match your décor.

Okay, so what’s the verdict? Welp, I’ll tell you this much, connected brushing is the way to go. Brushing your teeth hasn’t been this much fun since your first cartoon toothbrush! Colgate has given us an enjoyable way to take a normally basic chore to the next level, so let them do the work for you! Now, when you want to check your smile? Go ahead and check your phone, there’s an app for that!