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Father’s Day 2022: Don’t Mess It Up

Pictured: Every father ready to celebrate his day that you’re about to make great!

He’s Your Dad, He Deserves This!

Okay, crunch time has hit. You have less than a week to get his gift, and as a new father, I refuse to let you mess it up. Why does he deserve it? Because this is the ONE day of the year that’s all about him. Once Monday June 20th hits, he’s completely forgotten about until 2023…or until someone needs a spider killed.

After several years of knowing one, and a single year of being one, I feel like I have a pretty good handle on the different types of dads. There are literally only three types: Golf Dad, Tech Dad, and Fashionably Challenged Dad. Your pops definitely falls into one of these categories, so take a look below at my recommendations to make this the best 24 hours of his year.

The Golf Dad

He’s not going to make the PGA tour. He’s not ever going to be great, and chances are he’s probably not even good. But, he needs to LOOK like he is. Check out the following looks for your dad that can distract people from his horrible golf game.

Shorts & a golf polo = The official uniform of terrific golf dads everywhere, and lululemon has mastered them both. Take a look at the Stretch Golf Polo Shirt & Commission Golf Short 10″ pictured here.

Sometimes it gets a little too cold, but we still wanna be bold! Classic Commission Pant Slim & the Evolution Short Sleeved Polo Shirt by lululemon can kill two birds with one stone when he’s on the links. Want to see more from lululemon? Check out their Father’s Day collection!

(Golf) Pro Tip: The look goes beyond looking good from head to toe.His accessories have to be on point too! The Lux XV Cart Bag by Vessel will be turning heads. Not because he just hit an amazing shot, but because the bag looks so good! While you’re at it, go ahead and get it personalized so that bag doesn’t accidentally “walk off.”

Tour V5 Rangefinder by Bushnell; Retail: $275

Even though he probably won’t get the ball there, every dad needs to know how far to the flag. The Bushnell Tour V5 Rangefinder is a personal favorite of mine. (So much of a favorite that I cried for a week when I lost it, but thats beside the point.) A little bit on the pricier end, but he’s worth it right??

The Tech Dad

Tech and dad goes hand in hand. He’s got a gadget for everything, whether he needs them or not. But does he have any of these? Take a look and see how you can get him something (that he doesn’t need) but definitely wants!

No, this isn’t just a white piece of plastic. It’s a magical piece of plastic that will help dad further unlock the magic that the iPad provides.  The Apple Pencil is a needed accessory by any dad that is unable to be separated from his favorite touch screen device. With several different functions (including reducing fingerprints on the screen) this Apple Pencil is a favorite of all who come in contact.

Ever have a dad say: “Turn that music down!!” Now you can yell back at him: “No, turn yours up!” The SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Speaker by Bose is the best way to hear anything they want…even if it is NPR.

Every dad thinks they know it all…but they really don’t. That’s why they can learn from the world’s best via Masterclass. Anything from sports, photography, cooking, (because a grown man should know how to cook more than grilled cheese) the topics are endless. The best part? Masterclass is having a sale…but shhh…they don’t need to know all that.


Have you ever looked in a wallet of a dad? Just look at the back pocket of all the pants he’s worn. They’re all probably damaged because his wallet it twelve inches thick due to him carrying unnecessary things like his dog’s birth certificate. Dads need to know: Less is more, and that’s what Ridge does best. The Carbon Fiber 3K wallet is the perfect example of minimalism. Fitting up to 12 cards and space for cash, this is the best way to get dad to tone it down a bit.

What dad doesn’t grill? Well, I don’t but I’m definitely in the minority. But for the other 99% of fathers, this gift is a no brainer. The Meater Plus Wireless Bluetooth thermometer is the best way to trick him into cooking for a week, month, or even a year straight.

The Fashionably Challenged Dad

His pants have holes. His grass cutting shoes are also his party shoes. That shirt? Psh, he’s worn it to every BBQ since 1986. Who is to blame?? YOU for not burning them when you have the chance. Take a look below at some easy ways to bring dad fashionably to this century.

Tell dad those old khaki shorts need to be put to rest! The 9″ Core Temp Short by Banana Republic is a great way for dad to ease into shorts that still keep him in his comfort zone. With several options to choose from, there’s no going back to those old baggy khaki shorts that have enough room for two people.

“A woman always judges a man by his shoes.” Judging by the shoes I’ve seen, some husbands are lucky that she said “Yes.” A white sneaker is extremely simple, but somehow dads still manage to mess it up. Get started with the Men’s GrandPro Top Spin sneaker by ColeHaan, and watch the heads turn. (And for the love of God, PLEASE keep them clean!)


Everyone’s dad has “the” shirt. The one he won’t let go even if it does have a hole big enough to drive a car through. When you get a chance, throw that shirt off your local cliff, and replace it with a simple one like this Relaxed Short Sleeved Oxford by J. Crew.  Tons of colors to choose from, and any choice you make will be better than what he had.


Dads always have jeans or khakis, no in between. Well the ABC Jogger by lululemon ends that streak. This is a stylish alternative to the same weekend pants he’s been wearing since you were born. But do me a favor, make sure he puts lotion on his ankles. That’s all I ask.


Dads really fall short here, which is why I have to do my part. Women always smell lovely no matter the time of the day, while men show up to dinner smelling like WD-40. Sauvage by Dior happens to be one of my favorite scents, and it’s one that never gets old. This is a great gift for the dad that thinks Axe body wash is venturing on the wild side.