March 12, 2018 0 Comments Advice, Featured, Lifestyle

The Importance of What You May (Or May Not Be) Good At

No hobby is a bad idea, as long as you enjoy doing it.

Find Something You Enjoy & Repeat

Sometimes you just want to kill time. Other times you just want to try something new. Or lets face it, you want to make some extra dough to fund your ever growing expensive habit. (Mine? Sneakers & Apple Products) Whatever the reason may be, having a hobby can provide several benefits, and some of them you may not know you needed.

The general consensus: Life is stressful. If you’re in your post college years, you may be facing stress at the office from a boss that’s not as empathetic as you may want him or her to be. Or the stress of having a mate/juggling family needs are stresses that you just can’t escape. You married him/her, you had those kids….the stress is here to stay! If you’re fortunate enough to still be in school (definitely FORTUNATE, because the real world, aka bills, suck!) you have a different type of stress that may be causing you unrest. A hard class, paper, or just an exam that you don’t feel prepared for, while temporary, still cause a level of stress that we’d rather go away.

Enter hobbies. The best thing about hobbies is that you don’t have to be good at them! You’re not being judged on your performance, so if you decide to take up painting and you suck at it, no one can judge you! (Pro tip: Hang it next to your nephew’s 2nd grade painting, and you’ll feel immensely better about yourself.) All that being said, hobbies don’t mean you need to be great at the activity, you just need to have fun doing it.

What’s better than taking up a random hobby that you’re not good at? Taking up one that you ARE. Scenario: You went to college, got your degree, and you’re now working at your dream job. While the pay is good, the job is STRESSFUL. But what you did forget is that you used to be amazing at graphic design in college. Why not take the opportunity to dually capitalize on this opportunity? You can forget about the pressures of your 9-5 as you become fully immersed in the design project that lay before you, while making some extra coin on the side. The benefits are twofold!

“Okay Diggy, I’m sold. Now, how do I go about finding a hobby?”

If you want to take up something from scratch, think about what your interests are. Don’t know? Ask your friends for help. What do you think is interesting? What intrigues you? What do you want to know more about? I have a friend that always thought butterflies were interesting….now she volunteers working with them on a monthly basis. Completely random? Yes. But it’s peaceful, and she enjoys it.

The easier road to hobbydom is to take something that you’re already good at. Turn that hobby into $$$ by putting the time and effort into it, and trust me, the rewards will come flowing in.

Whether it’s spending time being a terrible painter, or launching your side gig as a Graphic Designer, the time you spend doing something you enjoy outweighs anything that’s going to stress you out & can potentially fund your shopping addiction. And…if you continue to paint, there’s no way your painting skills will be bad forever…