January 8, 2018 0 Comments Advice, Featured, Lifestyle

Lose Weight, But Gain Sanity

Your workout can produce more than a good sweat. (Location: Equinox Lincoln Park, Chicago)

A Regular Workout = Added Benefits

Don’t let the timing of this article fool you. If you’re looking for an article that’s going to tell you to take advantage of the new year to get in shape, blah, blah, blah, you can stop reading here. (Seriously: Don’t really stop reading, you’ve made it this far.) FACT: this post is about working out, but I’m not going to guilt you into using the new year to start. (However: Skin season is literally only five months away sooo….)

Personally, I take pride in being physically in shape. Lets get all the benefits out of the way: You look good (to yourself/your crush), you get the “satisfaction” of wearing smaller sizes, and health risks are lower as a result of your physical activity. I think that covers the basics. Kool! (always spelled with a “K” in my world!)

My workout regimen is somewhat intense, but definitely doable. I like to hit a formal gym 5-6 days a week, and try to mix a CorePower Yoga/Barrys/Studio 3 in there as well. While these expensive gyms deduct from my bank account, they add structure to my life, that over the last year, has become somewhat chaotic. I’m not going to sit here and tell you I didn’t workout prior to 2017, because that’d be a lie. I not only worked out, but sometimes would even do two-a-days to be super fit for my ever so strenuous desk job. But in addition to being in shape from an esthetic point of view, the peace that I get when I’m working is unparalleled.

“Diggy, I Thought You Weren’t Going to Shame Us Into Working Out?”

You’re right, I’m not. The point of this post is to show you the ADDITIONAL benefits that you get from working out. Working out on a regular basis forces you to become more disciplined in your day-today, which definitely can help you whether you lower your BMI or not. Example: If you make it a point to workout everyday from 12p-1p (and STICK to the plan) you know you have to strategically organize your morning to complete tasks so you can be in your best workout gear by 12p. It’s highly likely that if you organize your morning, you’ll probably organize your afternoon as well. After a few days/weeks of repetition, BOOM. You’ve become a more organized person.

Any other benefits? Uhhh, yea. Stress R-E-L-I-E-F. Technology in 2018 makes us so accessible. Apple watches, iPads, iPhone (insert model here), have made the ability to reach us so easy. We’re constantly peppered with text messages, emails, and IG notifications that only add stress. You know when I was the least stressed?? 2002 when I didn’t have a cell phone. People would send an email at 9am and it was perfectly fine to respond hours later. Taking the time to recreate that period (even if it’s an hour out of the day) allows you to step away and recharge. Cheat Code: Don’t check your phone at the gym.

What am I trying to tell you? Don’t think about “getting in the gym” JUST to get back in shape physically. Get in there to get away from the world that stresses you, and you might lose a few inches off that waist too.