December 11, 2017 0 Comments Advice, Clothing

Dress Like A Slob: 0% of the Time

Look halfway decent, even on a stroll around your ‘hood. (Location: West Loop, Chicago)

No Time Is a Good Time to Look Unkept

Heard of “putting your best foot forward?” Well, you only have two feet, so you got a 50/50 shot at being correct. However, putting your best foot forward not only applies to your feet, but definitely can be carried over to, you guessed it, how you dress!

How you dress says a lot about you. Do I take myself seriously? Do I feel important? Do I care how others perceive me? All the answers should be: “Yes.” And trust me, I get it, sometimes you just don’t care. You’re only going to Target to grab Pedialyte to cure your hangover from last night, or better yet, pre-treat tomorrow’s hangover. Let me be the first to say, I’ve DEFINITELY been in so called “f*ck it mode,” and threw on whatever was clean in anticipation of running a quick errand and returning to the non-judging walls of my apartment. But it seems like every time I have, I’ve regretted it EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Now am I suggesting that you put on a top hat to go to Whole Foods? While it may make sense to be dressed to the nines to spend $250 on farm-fed yogurt, I’m definitely not implying that. What I AM suggesting is that you just look put together. “Put together” simply means that you put at least a little thought to this.

“So Digg, does that mean I have to ditch my sweats and favorite college hoody?” Absolutely NOT. I’m an avid supporter of a good pair of sweats and nice cotton hoody. What I AM suggesting is that if they’re wrinkled, have holes in them, or syrup stains from last weekend’s quick run to grab McDonald’s breakfast, then yea, leave those at home.

The saying: “Look good, feel good” is 1000% true. The better you look, the better you feel. Don’t waste your best outfit taking your dog to the vet, but find a middle ground that doesn’t look like you’re back in finals week.

Dress responsibly my friends…