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All The Small Things

A simple hat can change an outfit’s dynamic. (Location: Optimo, Chicago)

Why Attention to Detail Can Set You Apart

“No Pants, No Shirt, No Service” means that’s all you need to leave the house, right? Not so fast. Unless you live on a farm, (which honestly isn’t the worst thing) you’re going to need to add a few more things before you can be seen in public. These accessories are not only needed, but can allow you to liven up your outfit, while being functional at the same time! Let’s start from the top down:


Many people use hats for two purposes: To root for their favorite underachieving sports franchise, or as a cover up for hair that leaves little to be desired. I mean I get it, if you’re running late and don’t have time to take care of your hair then yes, a hat is an acceptable way to make yourself somewhat presentable. But how about using the hat as a way to enhance a basic outfit instead? Find your local hat shop, or a premium shop that ships everywhere like Optimo out of Chicago.

Four My Four Eyed Friends

Your poor vision doesn’t have to be a handicap! Embrace it! As a proud owner of several pairs of glasses, I love switching up my glasses to match outfits. Yea, you could go with contacts so everyone could think you have 20/20 vision, but where’s the fun in that? Kool/different/bold glasses provide a great conversation starter and allow others to SEE (see what I did there?) how you pay attention to detail.

Men’s Jewelry, Yay or Nay?

I vote yes! I was definitely guilty of having a super thick chain in high school, and then moved on to the dog tag phase when everyone had one (except my dog ironically). Subtle jewelry that isn’t loud can provide a simple accent to your plain ensemble. One that I sport quite frequently is made by Vo Jewelry, and while you can’t find the exact one I have, they have several unisex options that will do the trick!

Do You Have the Time?

Being a millennial, if someone asks me what time it is, I automatically think: “Do you not have a phone?” In the same spirit, to get them an answer, I look at my phone, and not my left wrist where I always don a watch. In 2018, the art of telling time via a watch has lost its appeal. However, it’s simple way to add a little flair to your ensemble. The Midwest watch maker Dyme Watches does a good job taking a stab at breaking the leather/chain link watch status quo by creating a line of wood watches, such as The Waveland that will leave you hoping people ask you if “you’ve got the time.”

Happy Feet Isn’t Just a Movie

Can I honestly say feet have feelings? I’ll let you be the judge. But I do like to think they are a little happier when they’re fitted in something other than the common white, black, and faded blue. Don’t think that just because socks are part of the “undergarments” that we wear, that bland is okay. While socks typically go unnoticed, a colored/patterned sock is an easy way to show that you always put your best foot first, but have fun doing it.


Getting dressed day after day becomes super repetitive. Shirt. Pants. Shoes. All three necessities. Keep your peers guessing by showing that the little things make all the difference in the world!